The World Forum - May 27th, 2024

"IT IS FOOLISH AND WRONG TO MOURN THE MEN WHO HAVE DIED. RATHER WE SHOULD THANK GOD THAT SUCH MEN LIVED.  George S. Patton Courage is being scared to death and doing the right thing anyway.  Chae Richardson    Just listen to Ronald Reagan's speech in the video and it is all I need to say on this day. Remember that this is a day to honor those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms, and I pray we don't let it slip out of our hands by giving America to the Communistic Left. I know Canadians have a separate day of "Remembrance" but they can also share in this day because they fought and died shoulder to shoulder with the Americans for the same principles. Guys, Please Kindly  ❤️   Recommend  

Biden Committed for the U.S. to Conquer Syria

 Members of the Biden campaign have held a meeting with Syrians to discuss issues related to the conflict and the administration’s approach, should Biden be elected writes Asharq Al-Awsat. An adviser to Democratic candidate Biden’s campaign told a group of Syrians that, if the Biden administration sees the light [meaning: comes to power], “it will make clear to Russian President Vladimir Putin that there can be no American, or European, support for the reconstruction of Syria unless political reform takes place, and that reform must be meaningful [meaning: replaces the existing Government]. Additionally, the main humanitarian issues must be addressed, and presidential accountability must take place[meaning: Bashar al-Assad must be captured, tried by his victorious enemies, and executed]. Biden stressed the need to release prisoners, while keeping the US sanctions on the Syrian regime and the entities that deal with it in place, including Russia.”

If anything, Biden will increase, not decrease, the invasion of Syria. He will be continuing what U.S. President Barack Obama had started, and what U.S. President Donald Trump had (though with reduced intensity) continued. The plan started even prior to 2011.