The World Forum - July 25, 2021


German gymnasts to wear full length unitard at Olympics to combat 'sexualization in gymnastics'

SHITHOLE: NYC woman leaps to death off high-rise luxury building while holding dog

Questions raised about film crew on location in Toronto park police just cleared

The World Forum - July 24, 2021

More than one-in-five Canadians select either Justin Trudeau or Stephen Harper as the worst of the past nine prime ministers

The World Forum - July 23, 2021

Survey of Practicing Physicians Shows Support for Mass Injections ‘Far From Unanimous’: Medical Association

The World Forum - July 22, 2021

Lockdowns killed more Canadians under 65 than COVID-19: Statscan

The World Forum - July 21, 2021

The World Forum - July 20, 2021

The World Forum - July 19, 20201

Canada COVID-19 travel change: Canadians may have to show proof of vaccination to take a trip

The World Forum - July 18, 2021

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Muslim Head of BC Civil Liberties association resigns after celebrating church burnings on Twitter

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid tests positive for coronavirus and has 'mild' symptoms

Germany Refuses to Use Voting Machines Like US Over Fears of Fraud, Will Only Use Paper Ballots