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*Bombshell* Ontario runs PCR tests at fraudulent amplification levels


Public Health phone call — Today as I was on the phone with public health, I was met with a staggering slip by the person on the other end — Ontario is running their PCR testing at 40 amplification cycles. This was confirmed not once, but twice in the phone call.

I then pressed the individual on the other end. Why would they be running such high amplifications when Anthony Fauci is on the record as stating anything over 35 cycles can pick up minuscule amounts of virus that can’t even be cultured.

All three phone calls are combined together in chronological order.

The phone call in text:

Public Health customer service: “Good morning customer service (inaudible) speaking how can I help you?”

Diverge Media: “Hi my name is Greg Staley, I’m calling from Diverge Media, (baby grunts loudly) sorry about the baby in the background. Uhm the reason I’m calling is” (cut off).

Public Health customer service: “Where are you calling from Greg?”

Diverge Media: “Greg Staley, calling from Diverge Media. I’m specifically calling because how do I get a hold of the thresholds that our various labs are testing at? So, I’m a journalist, I’m an investigative journalist, and I can’t find any of this information, and quite frankly it’s because your hiding it. So I just want to know what is the source I go to so that I can look up the different testing results and the different thresholds that are being used at the specific labs across Ontario?”

Public Health customer service: “Uh, we don’t know the like the (inaudible) to Ontario, but the specific lab has a threshold value that you can find it on through the website, like for public health you can look that information under the COVID PCR.”

Diverge Media: “So I’m gonna have to dig for hours to try to find this is what you’re telling me? Like you can’t just provide me with a number that says or here’s the go-to here, click this link and it’s gonna provide you all the list and contacts — nothing like that?”

Public Health customer service: “um, no like a, for Public Health Coronavirus PCR testing the threshold value is 40.”

Diverge Media: “Yea, so you’re using a pubic threshold value of 40 — is that what you’re telling me?”

Public Health customer service: “mhm.”

Diverge Media: “So do you realize that Anthony Fauci has said anything over 30 (actually said 35) can pick up minuscule amounts of virus that can’t even be cultured — and we’re testing at 40 that’s what you’re telling me?”

Public Health customer service: “Uhm, so uhm…” (awkward pause)”

Diverge Media: “So you just kind of Freudian slipped a big piece of information there, right. So is that (cut off)”

Public Health customer service: “Can I have your phone number?”

Diverge Media: (Laughing) “I’m sure you want it now. So is that all across Ontario — or do they just change it arbitrarily?”

Public Health customer service: “I don’t know uh Greg, like you don’t find the answer right away at the customer service center right? You need to have like the correct source” (I cut him off).

Diverge Media: “But you know your testing at 40 cycles!”

Public Health customer service: “yes.”

Diverge Media: “So correct source – we know its 40 cycles. So there will be an article coming out about it today because quite frankly that’s, this is a fraud now. This is a complete and utter fraud.” I then proceeded to exchange my information and tell him about the flu articles I’ve also sent off to Mr. Ford for response.

I also called Grand River Hospitals testing centre and was referred to the person who deals with media — Rex Mohamed.

Here is our conversation together;

Diverge Media: Basically, I’m trying to figure out what the threshold is across Ontario for the public health labs – what are we running our PCR assays at? (long pause) How many cycles?

Rex Mohamed: “So I think uhh” (I cut him off).

Diverge Media: “and by the way, before you answer – I have the answer.”

Rex Mohamed: “Sure, ok.”

Diverge Media: “So please answer honestly.”

Rex Mohamed: “I just don’t know — that’s the thing.”

Diverge Media: “Ok, well I just got off the with public health and the customer service seems to know so I strongly believe that the media department would know that answer too — so please don’t play with me. What’s the assay, what’s the number?”

Rex Mohamed: “So that’s what I’m trying to make you understand. I have, I’m an (inaudible) lead.”

Diverge Media: “So you don’t know that information as the media department?”

Rex Mohamed: “Exactly. That’s what I’m trying to make — so PCR test are run by Grand River hospital, I don’t know if you’re aware of that.”

Diverge Media: “You don’t think that’s problematic that you don’t know the testing number. You don’t know how many times it’s being amplified as the media department to speak on this matter.”

Rex Mohamed: “Yea, I don’t know. If I don’t know how would I answer? So I can give you the number to the person who actually does the media communication and if you’d like to talk to him his name is Dr. Jolie. But it looks like your already in a point where I (inaudible and I cut him off).”

Diverge Media: “Well I’m not in any point, I’m after the truth that’s what I do, I’m an independent journalist. So yea, what’s the number — I’ll follow it down.”

Rex Mohamed: “Yea, Dr. Jolie is the lead for K-W 4 – I’m an (inaudible but I believe he says operations lead?) and I don’t have any access to any of the information which you have asked. So Dr. Jolie’s numbers whenever you are ready.”

Diverge Media: “Mhm, go ahead.”

Rex Mohamed: “It’s ***-***-****.”

Diverge Media: “Yea no I apologize, but uhm, obviously a little brash but here’s the thing like – you should know that answer.”

Rex Mohamed: “No, no so I can tell you how many (inaudible maybe says solves?) we do a day approximately – but I can’t tell you how often that machine runs.” (I cut him off).

Diverge Media: “No no, I don’t need how often the machine runs – what is the amplification cycle at? How many times are you amplifying the DNA? That’s all I want — because that will tell me whether or not this is legit or not.”

Rex Mohamed: “Exactly, and that question — don’t you think a lab should be able to answer?”

Diverge Media: “I also think the media communications department should be able to answer it.”

Rex Mohamed: “But in all honesty — how would an assessment centre, we swab, so my team swabs (I cut him off).”

Diverge Media: “So you have no idea. You don’t think that the assessment center somebody there in the media communications department should know the answer of how many times the test is being amplified? You’re backpedalling here but ultimately you should know that answer. So I’m not going to give you an out on that — you should know that answer.

Rex Mohamed: “Ok, and if you think I should know that answer maybe they (inaudible) I deserve that answer. And I’m going, to be honest, I never bothered questioning that.”

Diverge Media: “Yea well Dr. Fauci is saying anything over 30 cycles (actually 35) is uh, picking up minuscule amounts of virus that can’t even be cultured and there’s almost no chance of you passing anything on to anyone — and I just got off with your public service and they’re telling me 40 cycles.”

Rex Mohamed: “Wow.”

Diverge Media: “Yea, so you can imagine my frustration as a Canadian when I see rights and freedoms and the Remembrance Day ceremony being stripped down on all of this false testing. And then I find out they are testing at cycles that are way above the recommendations of the experts. You can imagine my frustration. Then I call someone who is supposed to be in the media department and they’re telling me they don’t know that answer. And you might legitimately not know that answer — but you should know that answer.”

Rex Mohamed: “They have never shared, I don’t even know what, so so I just know that recently the labs, all our labs where it used to go 50/50 to Toronto and then some of them used to go to Grand River. Now recently, all of the labs are going to Grand River Hospital. That’s all I know — I don’t even know from that minute onwards what happens.”

Diverge Media: “So they’re all going to Grand River Hospital now?”

Rex Mohamed: “Yes.”

We then wrapped up the phone call and Rex Mohamed told me he is more on the logistics side of things. He then referred me again to Dr. Jolie. Mr. Mohamed wasn’t being totally forthcoming in this phone call, however, as he has handled media relations before – although it may not be his official title.