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French model scout accused of supplying girls to Jeffrey Epstein

Jean-Luc Brunel discovered leading lights of the catwalk such as Christy Turlington, Sharon Stone and Milla Jovovich.

The French modelling scout is also accused of supplying billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein with underage girls to ravage sexually.

On Friday, Paris cops busted Brunel as he was about to board a flight to Dakar, Senegal. He has been charged with rape and sex trafficking.

So far, it isn’t known if he was going on the lam to hide out in Africa while embracing his alleged predilections for young flesh.

At one time, the founder of the MC2 agency was one of the biggest scouts in the business with an eye for the striking beauty of women and girls from Eastern Europe. His legacy will likely now be his association with Epstein and the lurid accusations targeting him.

It was Epstein who fronted Brunel the $1 million in seed money to start his company.

At least one Epstein victim alleges the Frenchman not only supplied underage girls to Epstein — including 12-year-old twins — he was also an active participant in the sexual abuse.