The World Forum - May18th, 2024

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Ontario Woman Charged For Church Service Exceeding COVID-19 Limit

 A 48-year-old Woodstock woman is charged after police say a church service in the city’s downtown on Sunday exceeded the limits for religious gatherings.

The woman is charged under the Reopening Ontario Act. Under lockdown restrictions, religious services are not to exceed 10 people both inside and outside the building, Woodstock police said in a statement late Monday afternoon.

Police say they saw “well over the allowed limit” of people inside the place of worship, with many in the congregation going without masks and not physically distancing.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford ordered a provincewide lockdown for 28 days, which went into effect on Boxing Day, to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

A church in Aylmer and one in the Chatham-Kent community of Wheatley have played host to over-the-limit religious services in recent days. Two men, one at each church, are charged.