The World Forum - May17th, 2024

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Politicians Telling People They Can’t See Their Families While Allowing International Travel Is An Insult To All Of Us


This is a big reason why fewer and fewer people are willing to listen to those in charge.

A few days ago, I posted the following message on Twitter:

“People are being locked down in their homes, while international flights are still coming in. This makes zero sense, and it’s been happening since the beginning. We have a right to criticize and oppose this rampant hypocrisy.”

It was one of the most well-received messages I’ve posted, with about 1.8 thousand retweets and 5.8 thousand likes.

I mention this because it clearly struck a chord with people.

As this ongoing crisis continues, we are being asked to make more and more sacrifices, while those actions are being undone by the same politicians demanding that we sacrifice – while exempting themselves from financial pain.

The new coronavirus variant, that is apparently more transmissible but not more deadly, has now reached Canada.

In BC, it arrived through international travel, and the government has now issued a travel ban on the UK, where it was first identified.

Now, consider for a moment that we have been told that our borders were closed.

Yet, flights keep coming in.

And not just flights from within Canada, but flights from all over the world.

While the volume of flights is down significantly, the flights are still continuing.

In a growing number of countries, the new virus variant has led to even stricter lockdowns, and we may end up seeing the same thing in Canada.

Yet, we have already been told by politicians that ‘Christmas is cancelled,’ been told not to see our families, and watched as small businesses are ruined while massive global corporations make record profits.

All the while, they lock us down more and more, while allowing international travel to come in and possibly bring in new cases, or – as we have now seen – new variants.

The argument some would make is that “we can’t stop people from travelling internationally.”

Well, if that is the case, how can we tell someone to shut down their business or stop them from seeing their family?

The same freedom to travel must also mean the freedom to travel freely within your own country, travel to your family, and travel to the business of your choice.

This is why things seem so backwards.

It would have made much more sense if the government imposed strong restrictions on international travel, while acknowledging that you can’t lock people down within the country in a free society.

Instead, we have gotten the opposite, strict and escalating restrictions on our freedom within Canada, while international travel continues.

The government has been weak where they should have been strong, and authoritarian where they should have been restrained.

Allowing international travel to bring new cases and new virus variants, while imposing lockdowns on us here at home is an insult to everyone who is suffering right now both from the virus and from the damage of lockdowns.

We have a right to stand up against this absurdity.