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One Patriotic Canadians Letter to Justin Trudeau


To: Prime Minister of Canada

Justin Trudeau,

When I joined the military, I swore allegiance to God, Queen and Country.

I have never been stood down from that oath.

You have attacked all three of those very precious entities

I swore to honour and protect.

You and your party were legally voted into office (I think).

However, that does not give you carte blanche to completely change Canada into a country aligned with the United Nations, Social Justice Warriors and globalists.

Canadian values you often speak about are not the values of most Canadians.

Tell us sir, if you get your wish reference a global governing body, how will it govern? Certainly not by a democracy. A democracy requires free thinkers, a free people.

A global government can only be governed….no, ruled by a dictatorship, much like your favorite country of China where elites will be at the top and hard-working people like myself relegated as mere worker bees doing the bidding of elites like you.

You have attacked free speech, even legislated against it.

You have ignored our border security, thus making Canada a less safe place to live.

You have manipulated the main stream media, you cater to known and convicted terrorists, while denigrating veterans.

You have grossly mismanaged Canadians hard earned tax money. You are tampering with the election system and you are blindly following the actions of the EU on immigration knowing full well what that has done to Europe, yet you insist in taking Canada over the proverbial cliff with them.


In preparation for globalism? That can be the only answer. What is your end game Mr. PM?

Please have the intestinal fortitude to explain during question period to all of Canada, just what you and your “liberal” party plan to do with this great nation.

Make no mistake, Canada is a great nation, though in the last three years has been battered and assaulted by you and outside forces undermining freedom and sovereignty.

Mr. Trudeau you are my Prime Minister in name only. Anyone who wishes to drag Canada into third world status, dismantle its freedom, surrender

Her sovereignty and desecrate those who sacrificed to make Canada a great nation is indeed my enemy.

You sir, and your far- left party are fast becoming my enemy.

Unlike your ANTIFA pals, I don’t hide behind a mask; my name is at the bottom of this letter.

You see Justin, that’s what free people and people with integrity do.

They stand up against tyranny, they don’t ignore it or hide from it.

History shows us that oppressed people address tyranny in every possible way required to preserve freedom and sovereignty.

In closing, I always knew Canada had enemies, but I never thought the most dangerous enemy this country would ever face would be its own government.

As the saying goes; I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

You are underestimating the intelligence and resolve of Canadians.

Gord Hockridge

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