The World Forum - July 24th, 2024

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Trump Calls For a Special Counsel to Investigate Election Fraud


Donald Trump has called for a special counsel to be appointed to investigate election fraud via Twitter.

Unfortunately, this will probably not happen. Attorney General William Barr MIGHT have considered something like this, but he has stepped down and his replacement, Jeffrey Rosen, will probably be reluctant to make a big move like this when he’s only in charge for a few weeks. Trump could certainly fire Rosen and appoint someone who would choose a special counsel, but that would undermine anything the special counsel came up with in the eyes of the public.

Now, many people might pan this idea because Trump is pursuing it because he believes he was cheated out of victory in the election. However, whatever you think about that, this would be a good idea. That’s because there is undeniably a great deal of concern about whether we just had a fair election. That’s why every claim of fraud that’s out there should be put in front of a judge. It’s also why a special counsel could help clear things up. It’s a win/win proposition. If fraud is found, fixing that should be one of our highest priorities. If fraud isn’t found, then a special counsel could help restore confidence that our elections are honest. That’s also very important because ultimately, you can’t have a functional republic if people believe the elections are rigged. That’s why whatever the special counsel came up with, it would be good for the country.