The World Forum - May 26th, 2024

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Computer Shop Owner Who Raised Alarm About Hunter Biden Laptop Found Dead


Hunter Biden certainly has had more than his fair share of strokes of luck lately.

First, despite all of the evidence found on his laptop, nothing has stuck to him.

Next, after John Isaac, the owner of the computer repair shop where Hunter Biden left his laptop gave it to Rudy Giuliani, Mr. Giuliani, in turn, provided it to the FBI as evidence.

Unfortunately, the FBI managed to lose the laptop under mysterious circumstances, and thus all of the evidence contained on it.

Finally, last week, after being harassed and bullied at his home in Delaware by associates ostensibly tied to the Bidens and the ever-present deep state, Mr. Isaac closed up his shop and moved to Colorado, where he opened up a new computer repair shop in hopes of returning his life back to normal.

And now, John Isaac has been found dead, also under highly mysterious circumstances.

Early Wednesday morning a loud explosion was heard throughout South Park, CO, waking up residents from their sleep. When police and fire arrived at the scene, they were confronted by a blazing inferno that had entirely engulfed Mr. Isaac’s new computer repair shop.

A forensic examination found that the cause of the explosion was a laptop that had been dropped off by a local high school student, Eric Cartman. Young Mr. Cartman had ostensibly brought in his laptop because he had inadvertently viewed German poop porn on it in which his mother Liane, who is regarded as a local slut by many South Park residents, played a starring role.

The event had so traumatized the young man that he wanted his hard drive wiped.

In a bizarre coincidence, this is the very same Eric Cartman that was a first-hand witness to the murder of Clinton Foundation investigator Kenneth McCormick, which is currently under investigation by the FBI.

Exactly how the explosives found their way onto Eric Cartman’s laptop is a mystery, although Eric’s Neighbor Kyle Broflovski was able to offer some insights:

“OMG! They didn’t kill Kenny?

Those bastards blew up Eric’s laptop! How are we going to watch porn now? Eric was the only one of us with a laptop and access to the internet.

I bet it was those Clinton Foundation people, the same ones that killed Kenny the last time.”

This is not the first time, nor is it likely to be the last, that those who dare to investigate the Biden/Clinton/Obama crime syndicate will pay with their lives.