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Couple faced backlog in required COVID-19 testing after travelling to Barbados


When the couple arrived, they discovered it was difficult to get testing done.

A Toronto couple who relocated their work to Barbados worries a backlog in COVID-19 testing on the Caribbean island may mean a delay for Canadians wishing to come home.

The husband and wife — who didn’t wish to be identified for fear of public backlash over travelling amid a pandemic — say they booked a trip to Barbados on Dec. 31 with the intention of staying until the spring with an open plane ticket.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced any Canadians who opted to disregard public health advice and travel would not be eligible for COVID-19 sick leave benefits and booking a trip would be at their own risk. As of Jan. 7, new rules require travellers to show a negative COVID-19 test before boarding and upon landing they must quarantine for 14 days by law.

When the couple arrived, though, they discovered it was difficult to tested.

The man said while he and his wife aren’t scrambling for an exit test, he’s worried for other Canadians who would essentially be stranded if they’re unable to get tested before their departure dates.