The World Forum - May 20th, 2024


Curfew protests rage for third night, more than 180 detained in Netherlands


Dutch police detained more than 180 people in a third night of unrest in cities across the Netherlands, where roaming groups of rioters set fires, threw rocks and looted stores in violence triggered by a night curfew aimed at curbing the coronavirus.

The first curfew since the Second World War Two a warning by the National Institute for Health over a new wave of infections due to the British variant of the virus, and was imposed on Saturday despite weeks of declines in new infections.

Riot police with shields and batons were called out in more than 10 cities, many of which had issued emergency ordnance to provide officers with greater powers to conduct searches.

Police scuffled with rioters in several cities late into the night, chasing them down narrow streets with vans or on foot as helicopters hovered overhead.

In Amsterdam, groups of youths threw fireworks, broke store windows and attacked a police truck, but were broken up by massive police presence.