The World Forum - May 26th, 2024

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'No travel until late May', warns German government


The German government has warned that people will only be able to go on holiday after Whitsun this year, meaning a wait until the end of May before Germans can travel.

“I think that travel is something that is very hard to imagine happening over the next two to three months,” Thomas Bareiß, the tourism commissioner for the government, told broadcaster RTL on Monday.

"It will get better again from the Whitsun vacations onwards. And I hope that summer will then be a very big travel period," he said.

The religious holiday of Whitsun falls on May 23rd this year. The Monday following Whitsun is a national holiday in Germany.

His announcement comes as Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly told her party members that the tough Covid-19 measures in Germany will be needed for 'eight to 10 more weeks' if numbers don't improve.

Bareiß added though that once a large number of people had been vaccinated a holiday in more distant parts of the world could also be possible later in the year.