The World Forum - May 20th, 2024


Relatives of Canadian residents killed when Iran downed Flight 752 will be allowed to get Canadian Citizenship

Ottawa is moving to make it easier for family members of victims aboard Flight 752, shot down by Iran a year ago, to get permanent residency in Canada amid fears for their safety.

The policy would be open to family members of victims both living in Canada with temporary status and living abroad. It would also be accessible to family members of the victims killed in the 2019 Ethiopian Flight 302 crash, according to a statement to the Star from the federal immigration ministry.

The policy was borne out of conversations with victims’ families and a desire to unite them with each other in the wake of the tragedy which took place exactly one year ago Friday, Marco Mendicino, the federal minister for immigration, refugees and citizenship, told the Star during an interview.

There’s also concern for the safety of family members who are living in Iran, he said.