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Open schools, says open letter from more than 100 Canadian doctors


An open letter signed by more than 100 Canadian doctors, including some of the country’s top pediatric experts, is calling on provincial governments across the country to reopen schools and to keep them open.

The letter is being sent to all premiers and ministers of education and health.

It decries how various pandemic restrictions, especially school closures, “stop our children from reaching their full potential and harm their health (physical and mental) and general well-being.”

The letter continues: “This is particularly unnecessary considering that the data consistently shows that the risk of transmission in schools is low, even when community transmission is high. To that end, keeping schools open is the safest option, not only for the overall health and well-being of children, but also for society at large now and in the future.”

The lengthy tally of signatories includes experts such as Dr. Anne Wormsbecker, interim chief of pediatrics at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, and Dr. Sean Bitnun, pediatric infectious diseases specialist at the Hospital for Sick Children.