The World Forum - June 17th, 2024

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Travel checkpoints within Quebec and between provinces are possible over spring break, says government


After hinting Tuesday that new public health rules might be put in place for spring break, Quebec’s government said today that road checkpoints are a possibility, though it previously said it lacks the resources for it. 

The measures will be announced in coming days, said Genevieve Guilbault, the public security minister.

“We know traditionally people go from one region to another in the spring break,” she said Wednesday.

Last week, the government rejected the idea of police checkpoints between regions saying it didn't have enough officers to manage them with curfews and quarantines still in place.

Now, Quebec is not removing anything from the table including roadblocks limiting travel between the neighbouring provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick.

They said they continue to be concerned about travel between the regions and have been pushing for police checkpoints between regions to keep people from travelling.

The opposition parties now say the government doesn’t seem to have a clear strategy in place.

“We are asking for a long time [for] more transparency, to publicize the facts on which [Legault] is basing his decisions,” said Liberal MNA Marc Tanguay.

“It’s up to him to decide yes or no with respect to what you’re suggesting, and if he decides to go ahead he has to make it clear.”