The World Forum - April 19th, 2024

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National study shows nearly 5 million Canadians have broken up or divorced since COVID-19 pandemic


Cabin fever? Quarantine quirks?

These appear to be some of the reasons behind why close to five million Canadians have called it quits with their partner since the coronavirus outbreak hit Canada more than a year ago, according to a national study conducted by financial solutions firm Finder Canada.

“Sadly, it seems COVID-19 is splitting up Canadian couples at an alarming and unexpected rate, so it’s time to have a tough-love talk about personal finance,” said Nicole McKnight PR manager of Finder Canada. “Millions of Canadians could easily find themselves suddenly single, unprepared and having to make difficult financial decisions like selling a property during COVID, splitting assets and finding an affordable place to live.”

Nationally, 15 per cent or 4,673,565 Canadians have experienced a relationship break-up since the pandemic began in February 2020, Finder Canada said.

Finder Canada said some "quarantine quirks,’ new behaviours displayed by their partners during the pandemic, may be corrosive to couples, as 14 per cent of men said they aren’t too happy with their partner wearing track pants every day. 14 per cent of men cite it as the ‘quarantine quirk’ that bothers them the most, versus only eight per cent of women, Finder said.

Meanwhile, 13 per cent of both sexes report being equally irritated about spending "too much time together," the survey said, while 17 per cent of men are over twice as irritated as women (eight per cent) about their partner’s online overspending.

About 41 per cent or nearly 13 million Canadians say that cabin fever — being irritable due to spending so much time isolated indoors — is their most significant stressor heading into 2021.