The World Forum - June 20th, 2024

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's family got priority to COVID tests early in pandemic


In the early months of the pandemic, when COVID-19 tests were scarce, Gov. Andrew Cuomo vowed to make the testing available to those most in need.

Turns out that included his family members and other well-connected people close to his administration, according to reports Wednesday night.

Both The Washington Post and the Times Union in Albany reported that Cuomo's office arranged coronavirus testing for his family, including his CNN anchor brother Chris, and other influential people with close Cuomo ties.

The testing was conducted at times at people's homes and in part by Dr. Eleanor Adams, an epidemiologist who was a special advisor to the state Health Department, the reports said, citing unnamed sources.

The Times Union, which first reported the details, said Adams' trips including going to the Long Island home of Chris Cuomo, who announced in late March 2020 that he was positive for COVID and detailed his battle with the virus nightly on his show — on which the governor often appeared last year.