The World Forum - June 20th, 2024

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Trudeau sticks to September timeline despite new COVID vaccine and new doses


If the current delivery schedules come through, Canada will have enough vaccines to inoculate the country's population more than twice over by then.

Canada’s COVID fight got help on several fronts Friday with regulators approving a new vaccine and millions of doses now scheduled for earlier deliver, but the government isn’t yet changing its September target to have everyone vaccinated.

Health Canada approved Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine candidate Friday morning following the move of the U.S. FDA last week. Canada is set to receive 10 million doses of the one-shot vaccine, made by the company’s subsidiary, Janssenn, before September, but the government can’t yet confirm a more specific delivery timeline.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also announced a stepped up delivery timeline for the first vaccine Canada approved, Pfizer, which is boosting its timetable and will now deliver 1.5 million more doses in March, with an additional million more doses in both April and May. Canada was already expecting nearly 2.5 million doses from Pfizer this month.

The added doses, plus shipments from Moderna and the newly approved AstraZeneca vaccine means Canada expects eight million doses to arrive by the end of this month and cumulatively over 30 million doses will have arrived by the end of June.

Trudeau said his government was committed to delivering as many doses as quickly as possible.