The World Forum - May 20th, 2024


Ontario health unit partially closes 2 Amazon fulfilment centres to control COVID-19 outbreaks


Peel Public Health announced on Saturday that it has partially closed two Amazon fulfilment centres to control COVID-19 outbreaks in those workplaces.

The centres are located in Brampton, Ont., at 8050 Heritage Rd., and in Bolton, Ont., at 12724 Coleraine Dr. The businesses were required to close at midnight on Friday. Peel Region is located northwest of Toronto.

Peel Public Health said the businesses and employees have been notified.

The public health unit said the centres have been closed under Section 22 of Ontario's Health Protection and Promotion Act. On its website, it said a partial closure may mean the mass dismissal of a shift or work area.

Peel Public Health added that its closures would apply to businesses that have had five or more COVID-19 cases that were acquired in the workplace over a span of two weeks.

Dr. Lawrence Loh, Peel Region's medical officer of health, said on Saturday that the public health unit identified 11 workplaces in total on Friday for "priority review" to stop the spread of the virus. The closures are an attempt to protect the community, he said.

Of the 11, the public health unit partially closed the two Amazon workplaces, it found out that three other workplaces have already been closed by their employers and it is reviewing six additional workplaces to determine if closure is necessary.