The World Forum - April 13th, 2024

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Meet Colin Furness: UofT “Expert” With A Side Interest In Sapphire Health, Benefitting From Lockdowns


University of Toronto Professor Colin Furness is just another “expert” that is constantly on the news, spouting out his fear-porn predictions. He’s also with the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, just like many Medical Health Officers in Ontario.

One would think that the media would want to ask from somewhere else just for the appearance of viewpoint diversity, but apparently not.

Sapphire offers a service for digitize health records. Now, the idea of digital records is nothing new, but this company claims it to be the next generation “in secure cloud-based platform, designed by Sapphire Digital’s team of physicians and artificial intelligence experts, LifeSTAT™ is the most detailed and comprehensive record of your health information, and a critical tool for safe, fast, and effective care decisions by your care providers.”

Furness is listed an ad advisor for Sapphire Health. However, it isn’t immediately obvious what skill or talent he brings. He’s just a university professor who speaks to the media a lot. Unless of course, his job is to try to drive up demand for the product.

With continuous lockdowns, lack of access to physical medical care, and the AI revolution, companies like Sapphire are in a position to profit from this. However, the best way to guarantee continued growth and demand is to ensure that there isn’t a proper reopening of society any time soon. However, despite Furness’ continued TV interviews, it doesn’t appear he has ever discussed this conflict of interest.

There is nothing inherently wrong with making money, or with having multiple sources of income. However, all of these “experts” seem to have side businesses in areas which directly profit from the shutdown measures they call for. These interests should be openly declared, and available to all. But alas…