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Nova Scotia Health Won’t Report Vaccine Injuries. Counts Adverse Reactions As COVID.


“Top Doctor” Robert Strang has been repeatedly asked one question since the vaccine rollout has begun, “What is the age and vaccination status of people in hospital/ICU or who have died?” His responses have been nothing less than evasive.

Strang claims the data just isn’t available.

However, small towns have a way of uncovering facts.

My neighbour’s mother took the jab. Pfizer. She was in ICU for a month, home now, still bruised all over body.

Doctor absolutely agrees that it was the vaccine, however, absolutely would not agree to go on record.

You can imagine the, “yeah right”.

The doctor did disclose that one other person was in ICU locally, who was also vaccine related. Also, about 4 weeks in ICU. He said only 600 people have taken the vaccine in town at the time, and those are not the only adverse reactions. Public confidence is low.

The doctor refuses to go on record, and the victims and family’s have yet to put out a statement publicly.

Nova Scotia was at 21 in ICU at that time, and that information confirms 2 were vaccine related. How many more in Nova Scotia are in ICU due to the vaccine? Not to mention, the new distinction of “COVID related deaths“. Are these vaccine related? Something Doctor Strang will not comment on.