The World Forum - June 16th, 2024

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Public School Teachers Looking Forward To Summer Break After Long Year Of Watching Netflix


According to teachers' union representatives, stressed-out teachers across the country are looking forward to a relaxing summer break after a grueling year of staying at home and watching Netflix.

"This year has really taken a toll," said 3rd-grade teacher Patricia Peasley between mouthfuls of popcorn and episodes of Bridgerton. "I'm almost out of Netflix shows. Sometimes my Chinese food gets delivered cold. Zoom calls with a bunch of 3rd-graders have given me PTSD. I need a break."

When asked what they will do with their summer break, most teachers replied that it likely will involve more Netflix and wine. "After all," said Peasley, "there's COVID outside. We can't go outside! We have to stay indoors and continue watching our streaming services for as long as possible!"

Thousands of teachers have indicated they will campaign to keep schools closed next year as well, or at least until they run out of things to watch on HULU.