The World Forum - May 26th, 2024

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More than one-in-five Canadians select either Justin Trudeau or Stephen Harper as the worst of the past nine prime ministers


Pierre Trudeau remains the most liked of Canada’s nine recent heads of government, a new Research Co. poll has found.

In the online survey of a representative national sample, 20% of Canadians select Pierre Trudeau as the best prime minister since 1968, down three points since a similar Research Co. survey conducted in July 2020.

Stephen Harper is second on the list with 16% (=), followed by Justin Trudeau with 13% (-2), Jean Chrétien with 7% (-4) and Brian Mulroney also with 7% (-1).

Fewer Canadians mentioned Paul Martin (3%, +1), Joe Clark (2%, +1), John Turner (2%, +1) or Kim Campbell (1%, -1). Almost three-in-ten (29%, -7) are undecided.

Justin Trudeau is the preferred choice for Canadians aged 18-to-34 (18%, with his father at 15% and Harper at 12%). Harper leads among Canadians aged 35-to-54 (18%, with Pierre Trudeau at 15% and Justin Trudeau at 14%). Canadians aged 55 and over pick Pierre Trudeau (29%, with Harper at 18%).

When asked who the country’s worst head of government since 1968 has been, 22% of Canadians select Justin Trudeau (+4), while 21% pick Harper (-2).