The World Forum - April 13th, 2024

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Conservatives surge to surprise win in Nova Scotia election


Nova Scotia’s Progressive Conservatives surged to an upset election win Tuesday over the governing Liberals after capitalizing on their main opponent’s early stumbles and promising a big-spending fix to the troubled health system.

The Nova Scotia Progressive Conservatives won a majority government. With five of 55 ridings left to call, the Tories have captured 29 electoral districts to replace the Liberals as the next government.

During the campaign, Tory Leader Tim Houston, a 51-year-old chartered accountant, unveiled a left-leaning platform that focused on increasing the number of family doctors, bolstering the mental health system and building nursing home beds.

The message appeared to catch on with voters.

As the victory celebrations unfolded at Houston’s headquarters at a sports facility near New Glasgow, N.S., party stalwarts spoke of a huge turnaround from the beginning of the race.