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The World Forum - September 11, 2021


When I realized 9/11 was an inside job, Red was in the deepest throws of her battle with cancer. She often spent 20 or more hours in bed (or even on the bathroom floor) per day. There wasn't much for me to do but spend time on the internet. In the beginning it was the usual mindless stuff. Youtube fails, standup comedy, etc.

One day, driving home from work, I happened to listen to Q107 back when they aired the Howard Stern Show on repeat throughout the day (maybe it was in the early days of Sirius Radio, can't remember for sure). Jesse was talking about how the Twin Towers could only have been taken down the way they were by a controlled demolition. Being a former Navy-Seal, with expert training on explosives and demolition, he stated his case clearly, in detail, and despite the objections from Stern and his cackling sidekick Robin. At the time I was an avid consumer of the Howard Stern Show.

What Ventura had to say angered me because I just couldn't accept that it could be true. Having nothing but time on my hands after my (at the time) very young children went off to sleep for the night, I set out to PROVE JESSE WRONG. The only problem is, the more I researched, the more I realized that he was correct. By then, I was already well down the rabbit hole. Not only was he correct about the Twin Towers, there was Shanksville, the Pentagon, the "Let's Roll" phone calls, the flight manifests, Andrews AFB fighters, "pull it", fake news reports, the charred Passports, and much much more.

This is the interview that started me down the rabbit hole where I exist today...

Then I came upon this...

The saddest part, now 11 years since I discovered the truth, is that - TODAY - Canada will in no way be honouring the Canadians killed on that day in the US, and the countless Canadians killed and affected by the subsequent war as a result of 9/11/2001. Our flags are already at half-staff, and will never be lowered today, nor ever raised again...