The World Forum - April 24th, 2024

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Finland's PM apologizes for going clubbing despite COVID scare


And now Finland’s prime minister is in some hot water and has apologized after being caught clubbing.

Marin, 36, said she missed an alert warning her that her foreign minister had tested positive for COVID on account of having left her government council phone behind before going out Saturday, according to reports.

She was spotted dancing at a Helsinki club at 4 a.m., the BBC reported.

Since she’s fully vaccinated, Marin said she did not believe she needed to isolate. But then she saw the text Sunday morning telling her she needed to.

Her COVID test reportedly came back negative.

Marin is the world’s youngest prime minister and took office in 2019.

“I should have used better consideration on Saturday night and rehearse the instruction I got another time,” she wrote on Facebook.” I’m really sorry that I didn’t understand how to do this.”