The World Forum - April 13th, 2024

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GOLDSTEIN: Europe's green energy disaster a warning for Canadians

By recklessly rushing into unreliable renewable energy to replace fossil fuels, the U.K. and Europe are now in the midst of an energy crisis heading into winter, where electricity prices to consumers are skyrocketing and factories are reducing production or shutting down.


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It’s a warning to Canadians about what could happen here if the Trudeau government, and future governments of any political party, don’t revise unrealistic plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

The Liberals are pretending unreliable and intermittent forms of green energy are ready to replace reliable and proven ones, the same mistake Europe and the U.K. made.

European governments are frantically turning back to fossil fuel energy and nuclear power after curtailing them in their rush into green energy — primarily wind power — which has failed to keep up with increased demand due to low wind speeds for the year that began in the summer.

Now, energy demand is skyrocketing across Europe and the U.K. as countries struggle to recover from the global recession caused by the pandemic, drastically increasing their need for power.