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One hospitalization, no deaths from Omicron - US CDC

 United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed on Friday that there were no deaths associated with the Omicron coronavirus variant in the country so far and that only one of 43 cases "with initial follow-up" needed hospital care. Fourteen of the 43 have a history of international travel.

In the seven days that ended on December 8, at least one Omicron case has been detected in 22 US states, the CDC reported, adding that "many of the first reported cases of Omicron variant infection appear to be mild."

The agency specified that eight of 43 people infected by Omicron have not been vaccinated against the disease in any way, while 14 of 43 have received the primary vaccination course and one more dose afterward. Five of those 14 "had received the additional dose [less than] 14 days before symptom onset," according to the CDC.