The World Forum - April 22nd, 2024

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Jagmeet Singh Inspires Canadians with Courageous “Reluctance” in Support of Trudeau


NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is known to be a man of unwavering integrity. But today he outdid himself in the eyes of Canadians across the political spectrum, not just by supporting Justin Trudeau's use of the Emergencies Act, but by doing so reluctantly.

"Wow. Many of us thought he would just support the government, like he always does," said a Conservative MP, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "But the really admirable thing was his reluctance. I didn't see this one coming. We have to applaud bravery when we see it."

Singh also had tough words for Trudeau, when he laid out the extent of his reluctance.

"It's not a blank cheque" Singh warned. "We are prepared to pull our support as soon as the act is no longer needed."

This was a powerful statement of opposition, even though critics pointed out that the Act was never needed in the first place, and even the pretence for it is no longer present.

"Justin Trudeau will think twice next time he takes the NDP's support for granted," said an NDP spokeswoman. "We won't hesitate to deploy our reluctance again."

Even the Prime Minister had praise for Singh's statement.

"It was a brave and principled stand to take," Trudeau said. "It actually reminded me of me, when I reluctantly imposed vaccine mandates on everyone I could, and also when I reluctantly invoked the Emergencies Act."

Singh reluctantly admitted that he was flattered by the comparison to the Prime Minister, whom he's always adored, albeit reluctantly.