The World Forum - April 21st, 2024

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Trudeau gov’t hits back at trucker protests by announcing plans for even harsher COVID mandates


'[W]e actually campaigned on vaccines and vaccine mandates ... there is ongoing work' to integrate an interprovincial COVID inoculation requirement, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has pushed back against huge protests fighting expanding COVID jab mandates across the country, indicating that it will not only not back down on the restrictive measures, but will implement an additional inoculation requirement for truckers moving between provinces.

Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra told CBC’s Rosemary Barton that an interprovincial COVID shot mandate is being considered by the government, citing the party’s election campaign promise of “vaccines and vaccine mandates” during the fall.

“In the last election we actually campaigned on vaccines and vaccine mandates. Minister [Seamus] O’Regan just last December announced that we are working on regulating all federally regulated sectors requiring [a] vaccine. So there is ongoing work,” Alghabra said in the interview.

“As of right now, that policy is not in place,” the minister continued, “but no one should be surprised that there is work happening to get us there.”

The announcement comes on the heels of Trudeau smearing the Freedom Convoy and its many thousands of supporters as “Nazis” and “racists” who are full of “intolerance and hate,” a message he delivered while in hiding outside of Ottawa during the weekend’s protest in the nation’s capital.

Trudeau also maligned the demonstrators as “violent.” However, numerous video testimonies from police on the ground in Ottawa, as well as extensive drone footage of the area, attest to the peaceable nature of the gathering. As things stand, no arrests or injuries have been reported at the protest convoy.