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Tips for Crossing the Canada - US Border + More: Both Ways


Some border-crossing tips for international travel. A: Travel to the US: If you are vaccinated for Covid-19: Make sure you have your vaccination proof with you. They may ask to see it (maybe) but they are ordered to always at least ASK you about it. If you are driving across, there is no Covid-test requirement to enter the US. However, if you are flying into the US, you will need to provide proof of vaccination to board the airplane (much less enter the airport), and provide proof of a NEGATIVE Covid-19 test. A negative antigen test can be shown, provided it was taken up to and including the entire previous day (24 hour rule does not apply), and other accepted tests will be sufficient if taken up to 72 hours prior to your SCHEDULED departure time. B: Re-entry to Canada: You must enter your information into ArriveCan. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION onto your phone. You can set up an online profile. This can be done by using any computer, even the one in the Business section of a hotel. Just enter the details and print off your receipt (which you don't even need, just snap a photo of it - these CBSA jerks require and deserve nothing more). If you are travelling by airplane, and you skip this step, you may (and likely will) be denied boarding. If crossing by land and you show up at the border, you may (and likely will) be fined $5,000 plus $1,250 "victim" surcharge" for skipping this step. Any sort of Covid-19 screening test is no longer required. Finally, if you have satisfied ALL of the conditions for re-entry without any bullshit, you are still subject to a "random" testing requirement. Note: you are under ZERO obligation to take the test at the border OR THE AIRPORT. Just tell them you will take the test home, and do it from there within 48 hours. That way, you will not have to wait for your test results in order to be able to go to the Pub for a pint, AND won't be at risk of returning a positive test-result at the border. Comment below for tips on how to ensure a negative test result, I've got it down to a science. C: Travel to non-US Countries:

1) If you are unvaccinated, you will be denied boarding of an airplane or a sea vessel leaving Canada. The only work around for this is if you charter a private jet, or get really lucky with gate staff (like, winning the lottery kind of lucky). Private jets start at a cost of $12,000 per hour. Not sure about other countries, but if you get caught lying to a US CBP agent, you may (and likely will) be subject to a 5 year ban from entering the United States. 2) Returning to Canada: See section A2 above. The same rules apply.