The World Forum - May 20th, 2024


Is ‘the science’ different in Canada?


Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government have made a big deal of claiming to ‘follow the science’ over the past two years.

It was one of their favourite attacks against their opponents, claiming that those who opposed draconian lockdowns and restrictions were going ‘against science’.

Nevermind that science is a process of constant questioning and re-evaluation.

Of course, ‘following the science’ was always a tactic used by the Liberal government to try and silence critics.

But now, the Liberals are on the defensive.

As much of the world moves on and accepts that covid is endemic, the Liberal government continues to impose draconian mandates that leave millions of Canadians essentially trapped in the country.

By doing so, the Liberals are going against ‘the science’ as it’s practiced in much of the world.

The Liberals are completely out of step with many other countries, countries that also have chief medical officers and top health officials.

This begs the question, is the science different outside of Canada?