The World Forum - July 19th, 2024

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Pierre Poilievre as CPC leader would essentially destroy the People’s Party of Canada


A new Léger poll has compared federal voting intentions in Canada with Pierre Poilievre and Jean Charest as Conservative Party of Canada leader. While the Liberals still lead the popular vote in both scenarios, the CPC have a slight increase in support with Poilievre (30%) as leader instead of Charest (28%), and the reason is entirely due to shifting allegiances from those who support the People’s Party of Canada (PPC).

With Jean Charest as CPC leader, support for the PPC is at 7%, 4 points higher than their support with Pierre Poilievre as CPC leader, 3%. The People’s Party of Canada won 5% of the popular vote in the 2021 federal election.

The results of the Léger poll make it very clear that, so far, People’s Party of Canada voters are far more likely to make the switch to vote for the Conservatives with Poilievre as leader than with Charest.