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HOW TO CREATE A 'WOKE' POLICE SERVICE: COVID-19 enforcement action detailed in WPS report

 Windsor police officers were kept busy in 2021 despite the COVID-19 pandemic, according to its annual report.

The service’s COVID-19 response and enforcement actions were outlined in the 2021 report, which can be found on the WPS website. While officers were able to keep virus-related disruption to a minimum, police were very much involved in enforcement, ranging from bylaws put in place by provincial regulations at the time, to peacekeeping at anti-mandate protests.

For example, the number of citations issued by police for alleged violations of the two Acts went up in 2021, to 30, from just 13 in 2020. The number of provincial offence notices (PON) also went up, from 11 in 2020, to 79 in 2021.

Police also reported an increase in calls to the 911 operations centre for COVID-19-related complaints, from 1,341 in 2020 to 1,873 in 2021.

PONs for bylaw violations went down, though, to 15 in 2021 from 55 the year before.

Officers were also tasked with patrolling anti-mandate protests that took place throughout 2021, maintaining a delicate balance between keeping the peace and people exercising Charter rights.

The report also indicated that vaccine compliance among the ranks was very high, though the report did not say how many, if any, officers were disciplined or dismissed for refusing to get a vaccine.