The World Forum - July 21st, 2024

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The Media Is Calling People Who Read The WEF Website "Conspiracy Theorists”


It seems like the best indication that conservatives have correctly identified an issue on the political left, suddenly the legacy media will all coordinate to deny that the particular thing is even occurring.

This happened back when conservatives started pushing back on the trend of ‘drag queen story hour,’ Critical Race Theory in schools, empty shelves during the supply chain crisis, and now even more recently the inflation-caused recession in the US. 

On the issue of the US recession, the media lying is so poorly that people who said back during the 2008 financial crisis that a recession is defined as two fiscal quarters with negative GDP growth are now saying that’s not how it works, falling in line with the White House. 

You probably already know who the WEF is, but in case you don’t, they are the people running around trying to promote people eating bugs, removing private ownership of motor vehicles, and pushing for economically-crippling reductions in the use of fertilizer.  This is a part of a “reset” that they think the world needs after 2020 and 2021.

The funny thing about this mass media denial campaign is that they are not countering people who have pieced together bits of information about the WEF and discovered that they may be motivated by a creepy autocratic ideology. Rather, the media is trying to counter people who simply read the WEF’s website, listen to some of their statements, and correctly concluded that they are a bunch of nutty, self-righteous, globalists.

Several media outlets in Canada and elsewhere are essentially trying to gaslight people by claiming people are making up “conspiracy theories” about the WEF and The Great Reset by debunking social media hyperbole, and not the substance of what people are saying.

Authors of articles talking about WEF “conspiracy theories” focus only on the claim some people will make that certain world leaders and politicians are directly controlled by the WEF or Klaus Schwab, but that is not a substantial fact-check.

Of course, people on social media will overstate an issue and portray incompetent politicians letting the WEF do their political homework for them as being directly controlled by the WEF.

Yes, there is no evidence world leaders literally take orders from the WEF, and when someone like Schwab says his organization has “penetrated” government cabinets all over the world, he is likely more so saying that a lot of politicians believe the nutty nonsense he puts out.

The legacy media is obscuring the issue by acting as if WEF influence is not a major issue simply because the influence is not literally controlled. 

Frankly trying to directly control politicians is a lot more work than simply starting a fancy-sounding convention every year and getting politicians to voluntarily sidle up to you in order to seem more credible and high-minded. 

Politicians can be some of the laziest people on the planet so when a smart-sounding German man basically creates pre-packaged “socially conscious” platforms for them to copy off of they will jump right on board, even if it turns out they are basically agreeing to push repackaged Italian Fascist economics.

(By the way, I am not using the label “fascist” as a pejorative, Schwab’s “stakeholder capitalism” is eerily similar to the syndicalism (ie. trade unionism) that made up the economic policy of Benito Mussolini’s Italy, except Schwab is an internationalist instead of an ultra-nationalist.)

Despite the passive control of politicians being quite obvious the fact that the media has started pushing back on the notion that the WEF is anything more than a club of people who discuss economic and social issues demonstrates they have some intellectual incentives one way or another to protect politicians who are WEF-linked

In the National Post article Tristin Hopper defends Michelle Rempel Garner from having gone to the World Economic Forum in Davos, twice, as if her later heel turn against the WEF when people started calling her out for her association was anything but political survival. 

Hopper said: 

Canadian Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner was a Davos attendee once upon a time, and in a lengthy essay for The Line, she said it was basically like a really, really expensive academic conference where you might bump into Angela Merkel in the bathroom.

Sorry, but you don’t go to a creepy internationalist event twice if you don’t generally agree with their goals, and Hopper steers clear from asking himself any critical questions about Rempel’s association. 

This is pretty much the same reporting you get with all the legacy media outlets. They pretend not to understand the issues with associating with the WEF in the same way the legacy media pretended Justin Trudeau’s SNC Lavalin and WE Charity scandals were so complex and hard to explain.