The World Forum - June 22nd, 2024

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Canadian Liberal MP apologizes for spreading misinformation on Canada Day protests


A Liberal MP apologized for spreading blatant misinformation on the planned Canada Day protests in Ottawa and has since deleted his inaccurate Twitter post.

Mark Gerretsen, MP for Kingston and the Islands, admits that he spread misinformation about his political rival Pierre Poilievre. In a tweet posted Sunday morning, Gerretsen confessed that he “doesn’t need to be spreading misinformation.”

In the now deleted tweet, Gerretsen accused Poilievre’s base of being against abortion. It appears Gerretsen didn’t fact-check the tweet before sharing, because if he did, he would know the account is not “genuine.”

It is not clear who the Canada Day Convoy account belongs to. Many have speculated Rebel News has something to do with it, pointing to the fact donation links and Rebel News articles are featured prominently on the page.

However, there is no evidence that Rebel News is involved. Others have speculated that the account is run by operatives in the United States, or even Russia. These claims lack sufficient evidence.

Despite the fact the account appears to be inauthentic, multiple media outlets have reported on it as if it were genuine.