The World Forum - April 13th, 2024

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Ontario hospitals plan to uphold COVID-19 vaccine policies amid 'crisis' staffing shortages


Ontario hospitals are upholding their mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies for employees as staff shortages mount to a “crisis” with more emergency departments temporarily closing over the weekend.

The province dropped the vaccine mandate at hospitals in March, but dozens kept their own policies in place, which ultimately led to the termination of members who refused to get vaccinated. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health said these organizations are at liberty to “choose” to implement their own vaccination policies.

CTV News Toronto asked more than a dozen of those hospitals if they are considering lifting their mandates as the province faces a staffing “crisis,” as Ontario Health Executive Vice-President Dr. Chris Simpson described the current situation last week.

In each response, hospitals said that dropping their vaccination policies was not currently under consideration.