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Calls Grow For Bubba Wallace To Be Suspended, Face Potential Criminal Charges For Violent Attack After Crash


Calls grew on Sunday for hothead NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace to face severe penalties for a violent outburst toward another driver after Wallace caused the other driver to crash.

The incident happened during Stage 2 of the South Point 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway when Wallace, who won Stage 1, was next to driver Kyle Larson when Larson attempted a three-wide pass.

Larson moved up the track and his car gave a slight tap to Wallace’s car, causing Wallace’s car to brush up against the wall. After brushing up against the wall, Wallace bounced into Larson’s car and then continued by tracking Larson’s car down the track and slamming into the rear of his car, causing both cars to spin out.

Multiple reports said that the move by Wallace to spin out Larson’s car appeared to be intentional. NASCAR could penalize Wallace if they believe that his actions were deliberate.

Sports writer Jeff Gluck tweeted: “That appeared to be blatant, intentional payback from Bubba Wallace on Kyle Larson. Hooked him and it takes out a Toyota playoff driver in Christopher Bell as well. Not a good look.”

Motorsports reporter Jordan Bianchi tweeted: “The thing is it appears as if Bubba Wallace intentionally caused that crash, which also collected Toyota teammate Christopher Bell. This isn’t going to make Wallace any friends.”

Numerous other accounts highlighted Wallace’s hostility toward an interviewer after the race and how his actions are “dragging the entire sport of racing down.”

NASCAR has launched a review into the matter and can suspend Wallace if they believe that he intentionally slammed into Larson’s car.