The World Forum - April 19th, 2024

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Democrat Overturns Election Result in Recount, Beats Republican by One Vote


A seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives flipped from Republican to Democrat by the narrowest of margins after a recount.

The race for the Hillsborough County House District 16 seat in Manchester, saw Democrat Maxine Mosley defeat her Republican opponent Larry Gagne by a single vote.

Mosley won the seat with 1,799 votes to Gagne's 1,798. Before the recount, Gagne led Mosley by 23 votes.

Adam Sexton, the political director for Manchester news outlet WMUR, gave updates on the ongoing recounts on his Twitter feed.

"Shocker in Manchester's Ward 6 New Hampshire House of Representative race - after she congratulated Gagne, there was still counting left and it turns out Maxine Mosley won by a single vote. A flip for the Democrats," he wrote in a tweet on Monday.