The World Forum - April 21st, 2024

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Ontario's top doctor spotted maskless at party after warning people to mask up


The province's Chief Medical Officer of Health started off the week with a stern warning for Ontario residents to mask up in indoor settings. By Thursday, Dr. Kieran Moore appeared to have forgotten his own advice, spotted at a party brushing shoulders with Toronto's elite, drink in hand, and not a mask in sight.

Ontario's top doc attended a party hosted by a publication honouring its 50 most influential people of 2022, a list he placed #12 on for "keeping Covid under control."

In contrast to his honour, Moore appeared unconcerned with the "triple threat" of respiratory infections sweeping the province, and social media is abuzz with criticism and accusations of hypocrisy.

Moore was filmed at the event during a performance by Brampton rapper Haviah Mighty, doing an awkward one-knee bumping dance with one hand in his pocket and the other holding a drink, breathing in and out all of that unfiltered indoor air.

Online comments the morning after ridiculed Moore for his 'do as I say, not as I do' behaviour just days after issuing an ominous warning "reminding all Ontarians" to take basic masking precautions as a trio of respiratory illnesses inundates the health care system with admissions.

Networking with movers and shakers in a bulky n95 mask probably wouldn't have been easy for attendees, and while nobody was forced to wear a face covering through Monday's Ministry of Health presser, one could have expected the province's top doctor to at least lead by example.