The World Forum - May 23rd, 2024

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Congressional Candidate Richard Rowe Unexpectedly Dies After Bragging About Vaccination Status On Social Media And “Making Fun Of Darwin’d Anti-Vaxxers”


Screenshots of Richard Allen Rowe's Facebook post on "anti-vaxxers" have begun circulating on Twitter. Rowe, who was a Democratic candidate for the Florida House of Representatives for District 23, passed away in October 2021 at 41 years old – just months after his alleged Pfizer shot.

"Let me be real clear.... I do not give a F*CK what happens to anti-vaxxers. I dont. Let Darwin do his work. They helped to kill 700,000 Americans. I do not have the pity or tears to spare for any of them. It's all dried up now. Sorry. At this point. I'm just hoping they feel 1/10th of the pain theyve caused everyone else. The kids will be fine. THEY'RE going to suffer. And I f*cking well think they've earned it," he wrote.

In another post, he purportedly shared a photo of his Covid-19 Vaccination Card. According to the document, Rowe got the vaccine on August 12, 2021. "Yeah, I'm mostly here for personal ego. Already had COVID last year, so not worried about catching it. But I want to maintain my smug sense of moral and intellectual superiority while making fun of Darwin'd anti-vaxxers. It's pretty noble, really," he captioned it.

In his previous Twitter account which has since been suspended (@reforgeamerica), Rowe allegedly tweeted: "New poll shows 90% of Democrats will get the vaccine, compared to 46% of Republicans. Well, fn THANK YOU, Darwin. Took you long enough."