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Detroit man caught raping his own 14yr old daughter


This video shows the moment after A Detroit man was severely beaten after he was caught by his family raping his own daughter tonight. The incident happened on Prest street near Pembroke and Greenfield on Jan, 3 2023. Sources say the man named Cari (we are not sure of his last name) texted his 14 year old daughter and asked her to go to bed and get some rest. He then went in her bedroom and raped her. After he was done, he text her phone and asked her was she okay. There have been rumors that Cari been raping young girls for some time including his 13yr old niece!

When the family found out about the situation with his daughter tonight, they came and served his ass a swift dose of street justice! After chasing him down the street in nothing but underwear, they stomped his top lip off & left him on the sidewalk crouching on his knees with his Left eye hanging out of his head! Police we called and the man was taken into custody. It was alleged that Cari was also wanted for murder and had 15 different id’s and socials that wasn’t his that he often used.