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South Dakota governor cites business family leaving Canada


South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem said in her first state address of the year that she is in talks with an unnamed Canadian family-owned company that wants to relocate to her state because of Canada’s strict pandemic response. 

On Tuesday, Noem, a Republican, blasted US President Joe Biden for maintaining a vaccine mandate along the country’s borders throughout her speech. 

“We’re in touch with a company in Canada that wants to move their business to the Black Hills. I can’t share a lot of details with you yet but we’re very excited about this company. They are currently buying property that they haven’t even seen in person,” said Noem.

“This family and their business have suffered due to the Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates in Canada. Their daughter was even expelled from her university for refusing the vaccine.”

According to Noem, the US government’s ongoing vaccine border mandates are preventing the family from relocating. 

“They are ready to gain back their freedoms. They want to grow their business and improve their quality of life right here in our state.The Biden administration’s vaccine mandates are standing in their way,” said Noem. 

“We are going to help them and we’re going to help them start a new beginning right here in South Dakota and embrace their freedom again.”