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A 38 week, late term abortion took place this morning at the Montreal Sacred Heart Hospital


Yesterday, Quebec Life Coalition was contacted by Montreal Against Abortion in regards to a late-term abortion that was scheduled for February 2nd at the Montreal Sacred Heart Hospital. 

Montreal Against Abortion was contacted anonymously by a source that was horrified about what was about to take place and asking for something to be done in this regard. 

“I find this horrendous, is there anything that can be done?” said the anonymous source. 

The hospital media representative contacted by QLC in this regard was not able to confirm this due to confidentiality of the patient’s file, but said the hospital “offers health care services that people need within the framework of legality in Quebec”.

The anonymous source revealed that the team leaders attended a meeting yesterday morning about the "procedure" and left the meeting feeling overwhelmed. 

The case was qualified as a “special case”. They were informed that the child would have to be injected with a substance to be euthanized so that it doesn’t cry before being extracted from the mother. Some of the staff have refused to take part in the “procedure”.

While Montreal Against Abortion spoke behind the scenes with the anonymous source, QLC decided to ask its supporters to pray for this baby to not be euthanized and the conscience of the mother to be changed.

We received over 70 emails in this regard and some of our supporters have offered to adopt this child, others even took action by calling the hospital and speaking to the hospital staff.

One of our supporters wrote: 

"This email touched my heart and made me more aware of the atrocity of her abortion laws! Oh how sick our society is, it's so sad! What kind of leaders can allow this kind of laws?

I called Sacred Heart Hospital asking the staff and team to be the voice of this baby and to assert his right to life by giving him up for adoption where, no doubt, many parents would be happy to take him!

The nurse listened to me, much to my surprise, and then said she would pass on my message to the mother."