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CANADA: Trans teacher with Z-size prosthetic breasts dresses as man outside of school, neighbor says


A Canadian teacher who made international headlines for wearing gigantic prosthetic breasts rarely wears them outside of school — raising questions about whether the vulgar costume is just an act.

While parents have raged about transgender teacher Kayla Lemieux being allowed to wear Z-cup prosthetics in front of students, the shop teacher was spotted ditching the controversial fetishistic fashion after work and stepping out in public dressed as a man.

“He wears prosthetic breasts extremely infrequently,” a resident of Lemieux’s apartment complex told The Post.

“He puts the breasts on to teach, occasionally when he goes for a walk or when the cops visit.”

Both uniformed and plainclothes police do regular welfare checks at Lemieux’s apartment after they recieved death threats, according to a law enforcement source.

The teacher — who until a few years ago went by the name Kerry — left Ontario’s Oakville Trafalgar High School this week wearing the gigantic breasts, a blond wig and glasses, but it wasn’t long until the cartoonish clothing came off.

After shopping at a department store and pet supplies shop dressed as a woman, Lemieux headed home to get changed and emerged dressed as a man 30 minutes later. 

Lemieux then spent the afternoon in public wearing men’s sweatpants, trainers, a gray T-shirt and a navy puffer vest without breasts, makeup, glasses or wig.

According to Lemieux’s neighbor, who asked not to be identified for fear of backlash, the transgender teacher was first seen “parading” gigantic prosthetic breasts while walking along a busy road in their neighborhood last May.

The neighbor has since seen Lemieux leave the apartment complex dressed as a man more often than as a woman.

Pictures and videos of Lemieux sparked serious complaints from parents that someone with such an outlandish look was not suitable for teaching their children, and was distracting them from learning.

The attention it brought to the school was also unwelcome, leading to bomb threats and a heavy police presence on campus.