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Ontario elementary school issues letter addressing safety concerns for students during washroom visits


A Rockwood, Ont. elementary school has sent a letter to parents asking them to reach out to family and children’s services if their child “experienced anything inappropriate” in relation to safety concerns during visits to the washroom.

The letter, sent by the school’s principal to the Harris Mill Public School community, and obtained by CTV News Kitchener reads: “I am writing to inform you that the school has been made aware of conversations in the broader community related to safety concerns for students during visits to the washroom.”

The school is a part of the Upper Grand District School Board and serves around 300 students from junior kindergarten to Grade 5.

It was not immediately clear what the safety concerns were, or how many families were contacted by the school.

Some parents of children at Harris Mill Public School, who did not want to be identified, told CTV News Kitchener the alleged incidents happened in late January and they are disappointed with how the school has handled the situation.

The parents said they wished the school had notified all parents earlier, so appropriate conversations could be had with their children.

They said parents have the right to be aware of potential “safety concerns.”

Another felt “disgusted,” and that the school is “not doing enough.”

The letter to parents encouraged them to speak with their children.

The letter ends by saying the school will continue to monitor its plans to ensure student safety and support all students.