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Pentagon ‘UFO’ videos & alien invasion warnings are ‘cover-up’ for something MORE sinister, aerospace engineer claims


THE Pentagon’s videos believed to show UFOs filmed by navy pilots – and are being put out to get the public ready for a fake alien invasion, an aerospace engineer has claimed.

Mike Bara, who says he has worked on many classified military projects, said he had analysed the videos – often referred to as Gimbal, Tic-Tac and Go Fast, and found there was “nothing exceptional” about any of them.

The TV personality believes they all show easily explainable phenomena – such as drones and in a wild theory believes they could have been leaked to prepare people for a fake alien invasion.

Self-confessed conspiracy theorist Mike told The Sun: “The Navy put out these videos about four or five years ago now about these objects, there’s one called Gimbal, Go Fast and one called Tic-Tac.

“I’m an aerospace engineer and I spent 25 years working in the industry and I know my aircraft and I also know the capabilities of the instrument. I’m a big aviation buff and I know everything in the sky.

“I was on many, many different programs, some were classified in the military, some were commercial.

“So when I’m looking at these videos I’m looking at a couple of things, first of all everything I can see is performing in a conventional manner.

“There’s nothing exceptional about anything on any of these videos.

“For example there’s the Tic Tac video when they say ‘Oh look it shoots off the screen at rapid speed’ – that’s not what happens.

“There’s a little instrument indication there on the display that’s the zoom factor and what happens it says it’s zooming from one, which is the normal focal length of the lens, to zoom factor two.

"So what happens is they zoom up and it zooms up passed the object and it disappears off the side of the screen.

“The object doesn’t move at all and that’s very obvious to anyone who knows what they are looking at, but they are passing this off as ‘oh the object shoots off the screen’ and then they cut off immediately.

“Immediately watching that I’m detecting an air of deception about these videos.

“They’ve been sanctioned – in essence – by the Pentagon which means the military wants you to think these might be alien spacecraft.

“My question is, ‘Why would they want that?’

“Again I went through all the videos and I can explain why none of them are exceptional, the GoFast video is probably a counter measure of some kind probably being towed by another aircraft it’s not really going that fast.

"Everything was below 25,000 feet, everything is traveling at subsonic speeds, everything is traveling in a straight line.

“And in the Gimbal video that thing looks like a drone combat aircraft being texted and you’re simply looking down on the wings as this F-18 is tracking it.

“Why is this narrative that these may be alien spacecraft being pushed?

“Also you hear these pilots going ‘Woah, dude look at that!’ I’ve known fighter pilots, they don’t talk that. You don’t talk like that in a combat situation, everything is very much by the book."

Mike believes the answer may be the government wants people to believe that there are aliens are out there and that they pose a threat.

“They – and by they I mean somebody in the military intelligence community – wants to start pushing the narrative that aliens are out there and they might be hostile,” he explained.

“And that indicates to me that they’re covering up for something else that might be going on.

“Why are they doing this? And the answer I keep coming back to is they are preparing for something new.

“There are a lot of rumors in the UFO community. There’s this rumor about Project Blue Beam which is this idea of a fake alien invasion to be used as an excuse to basically take control of governments, freedoms and rights.

“I can speculate about what the agenda is but clearly I think it is how can we manipulate public opinion and will they cooperate with our directives.

“If the government said ‘We’re being invaded by aliens’ and they have very good visual technology that could project all kinds of Independence Day like scenes in the skies, it might not be real, it might just be holographic projections but that capability exists.

“Is that a possible agenda that’s behind the whole thing?," The Sun asked.

"It would be like ‘Oh gosh we’re being invaded by aliens, everybody stay at home, we’ll take care of you and we’ll fight the aliens," Mike replied.

"That could give people who want a globalist government – a new world order – the perfect excuse to lock everyone down and take control of the streets.