The World Forum - April 19th, 2024

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Ford Files For Patent That Can "Remotely Shut Down" Parts Of Your Car When Your Bill Isn't Paid


Remember when getting in your car and flying down the highway with the top down used to be the perfect escape from the mire and muck of everyday life, like bills and e-mail? Now, thanks to the implementation of technology in the auto industry, that once-freeing joyride is literally becoming bills and e-mail. 

That's because a new patent from Ford now allows the manufacturer to "remotely shut down your radio or air conditioning, lock you out of your vehicle, or prompt it to ceaselessly beep if you miss car payments", according to a new report from Bloomberg. While the official company line is that Ford has "no plans" to use the technology, we're certain that'll be proven to be incorrect over time.

The technology is called a "repossession-linked technology" in the patent and can also disable cruise control and automated windows. “Disabling such components may cause an additional level of discomfort to a driver and occupants of the vehicle,” the patent reads. 

The vehicle can then make a determination if the driver is paying attention, prompting a semi-autonomous system to determine how distracted they could be.