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How are they ever going to explain the excess mortality data in Australia?


Australia didn’t have a lot of COVID deaths until after they rolled out the COVID vaccines. Now excess deaths are out of control. Something is causing those deaths. Any guesses?

There has to be something causing this effect, it has to be novel, and it has to be something that is affecting a huge number of people in that age group at that time.

Interestingly, it seems that the boosters rolled out in Australia in December 202. So it could be the vaccine. We can’t rule it out. Is there a more likely alternative explanation?

The elephant in the room can be summarized as follows:

Is there an alternate hypothesis for the sudden increase in excess deaths among all age groups, but especially the 0 – 44 year olds, that is more likely than Sy’s hypothesis, i.e., where the Bradford Hill criteria shows a stronger signal?

There are only two possible answers to that question:

If there is a better hypothesis, then why are the Australian health authorities keeping it secret from the public? Shouldn’t they be notifying people?

If there is not a better explanation, then why aren’t the Australian health authorities saying anything to warn the public of the risk?

Wilson Sy of Investment Analytics Research has published 62 papers on ResearchGate in the last 48 years.

Sy recently published a paper, Australian COVID-19 pandemic: A Bradford Hill analysis of iatrogenic excess mortality which uses the Bradford Hill causality criteria to prove that the COVID vaccines are causing massive excess deaths in Australia. AFAIK, there are no papers showing any alternative explanations. Therefore, the health authorities in Australia, should follow the precautionary principle of medicine and assume the paper is correct until such time as another paper can apply the Bradford Hill criteria using a different hypothesis and show a stronger association.

There are a lot of excess deaths happening in Australia.

The most likely explanation is that these deaths are being caused by the jabs.

If this is not the case, why are the Australian health authorities hiding the true cause from the people of Australia?

If this is the case, how come they aren’t pausing the jabs in the meantime until this can be sorted out?