The World Forum - June 17th, 2024

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RCMP Investigating Media Leaks on Beijing Foreign Interference


A criminal investigation has been launched into the leaking of classified information to the media pertaining to the Beijing regime’s interference in Canada, the RCMP told The Epoch Times on March 6.

The investigation relates to violations of the Security of Information Act, as several national security sources have leaked information of a “secret” and “top secret” nature to Global News and the Globe and Mail in recent months.

The RCMP wouldn’t confirm if the investigation is internal or external, with a spokesperson only saying that “this investigation is not focused on any one security agency.”

“As the RCMP is investigating these incidents, there will be no further comment on this matter at this time,” said Cpl. Kim Chamberland.

While the RCMP is investigating the leaks, a senior official told the Commons procedure and House affairs committee on March 2 there was no investigation into foreign interference related to the 2019 or 2021 elections.